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Unfair Mario
Unfair Mario
Video type Gaming
Game Unfair Mario
Participants Stacy (#1)
Mariya (#1-#4)
Renae (#1, #2, #3)
Sydney (#1, #4)
Andrea (#2-#4)
Mackenzie (#2, #4)
Molly (#3)
Briana (#4)
YouTube Link LET THE RAGE BEGIN! - Girls Play - Unfair Mario (part 1) (#1)
BUTT STABBING! - Girls Play - Unfair Mario - 2 (#2)
SO MUCH RAGE - Girls Play - Unfair Mario - 3 (#3)
CALM & COLLECTED - Unfair Mario - 4 (#4)
Upload date July 21st, 2013 (#1)
March 23rd, 2014 (#2)
January 1st, 2015 (#3)
January 4th, 2016 (#4)

Unfair Mario is an independent flash game. The game is literally Super Mario Bros. but with traps that makes the game very difficult to play through. As with the actual Super Mario Bros. game, the goal is to get to the flag at the end of the course.

Video Synopsis

Part One

The first part was uploaded on July 21st, 2013 and was the 14th video uploaded into the channel. It had Stacy, Mariya, Renae, and Sydney attempt to complete the first level.

As the game begins, Sydney attempts to jump onto a lone platform in between a gap but falls to her death as she lands on it. Mariya and Renae avoid this by jumping over the lone platform, but the latter dies anyway due to taking one step onto a falling platform.

Sydney attempts to go to the left of screen, but the platform collapses causing her to die, to which she comments that it's "doom all over again". The girls attempt to land on a floating platform only for it to fall and cause them to die.

The girls struggle to get past the first half of the level, with Mariya taking off her bracelet in rage. The girls reach a set of floating platforms that tricks the player into going under it, which they don't believe and jump on, only to die by jumping on the next one.

The girls try again and again, falling for the same traps. Mariya attempts to go to the left, but as with Sydney, she dies. Renae makes it to the checkpoint first, as Mariya and Sydney gets there eventually.

The second half of the level proves just as difficult, as the girls continuously jump and land on a falling platform. Mariya and Renae almost makes it to the finish, but fall short, which angers them both.

Sydney dies again, and seemingly restarts from the beginning of the level, and remarks that someone is probably "sprinting" through the level.

Meanwhile, Stacy manages to get to the checkpoint without losing a life. She dies once, but walks through the rest of the level, completing it. The other girls eventually finish the level as well.

During the question segment, the girls presumably jokingly answered that the goal of the game was to continuously kill yourself.

Stacy, despite walking through the game, did not like the game and recommended that no one play it. Renae jokingly answered that people with anger management issues should play the game. The game was not given a rating.

Part Two

The second part was uploaded on March 23rd, 2014 and was the 72nd video uploaded onto the channel. It had Mariya, Renae, Andrea, and Mackenzie attempt to complete the second level.

As they begin the game, all four girls die in the first few seconds. Renae encounters a gap which she attempts to jump across but the jump is interrupted by blocks. The other girls also fail the jump on a number of occasions, with Mackenzie having the most troubles with it.

The girls then reach a set of platforms with traps, with most of the girls landing on the first set of platforms, that has nothing but spikes, multiple times. Andrea begins to rage when she lands on a spike one too many times.

Renae manages to get past the spike riddled platforms and jump onto the land below, only for it to collapse. Mackenzie attempts to jump over, but a block cuts her jump short, causing her to fall right down onto the collapsing land.

Renae gets past the collapsible land and lands onto a block, but she dies due to a spike, which she refuses to accept. Mariya and Mackenzie almost make it to the checkpoint, but their jump over a gap is blocked by a block.

Mariya makes it to the checkpoint, as do the others. Andrea sees the armada of blocks and is too afraid to move, as she knows one of them will kill her. The other girls make it to the final jumping sequence, but die due to the land collapsing.

The girls are slightly agitated, with Mariya just wanting to finish the game. Mackenzie gets to the final jumping sequence, but doesn't trust the hint that fools the player into thinking that the tip is false.

She reluctantly jumps onto the block that the game says is not at trap, and is happy when it is revealed that it is indeed not a trap. Renae, however, doesn't believe the game and jumps onto the platform next to it, only for it to collapse.

Mackenzie almost makes it to the checkpoint, but lands on a collapsible platform right in front of the flag. Renae encounters the platforms again and jumps onto the correct one. She sees another in game hint, and doubts it would be truthful the second time, only to find out that it was.

Andrea and Mariya almost makes it to the flag, but suffer the same fate as Mackenzie, Andrea appearing to have almost given up. After many attempts, Mackenzie completes the level, as do the other girls.

Part Three

The third part was uploaded on January 1st, 2015 and was the 210th video uploaded onto the channel. It had Mariya, Renae, Andrea, and Molly attempt to complete the third level.

As the video beings, Andrea is already mad at the game before even playing it. Renae and Molly attempt to go to the left, but die to some spikes. Both note the flag on the end of the left side of the platform.

The girls attempt to jump over a set of blocks, with Andrea jumping onto the middle block and dying multiple times. Renae and Molly jump onto the block on the right but slip off the block and into the abyss.

Andrea sees a floating platform with the hint "Will fall down". But before she can find out if it does, she moves slightly and the land collapses. Mariya tests it out and the hint turns out to be true, to which she states that she can never know when to trust it.

Renae jumps over the hint and on the middle of the platform, but moves slightly to the right and the platform collapses, the game saying that it will fall down as well.

Molly makes it past the floating platforms and onto the next platform. She walks underneath a platform but dies as spikes come down from below the platform. Renae jumps on top of the platform and jumps forward, only to die to a spike seemingly in the air.

Mariya and Andrea are still at the first few parts of the level, with Andrea noting that the amount of things with spikes makes it hard to judge what does and does not have spikes.

Andrea eventually makes it near the checkpoint, but dies trying to sprint underneath the platform which protrude spikes from below. Mariya, who's still at the beginning, and Renae begins to get frustrated at the game.

Molly remarks on how the other girls are probably doing better before remembering that Andrea would probably do worse which makes her feel better. Renae dies again from the platform with spikes and comments on how many traps there are in just the first half of the level.

Andrea dies once more and rage quits, taking out her headphones and leaving the room. Mariya has also begun raging, but continues on with the game. Andrea returns after a two week break to continue the game.

Andrea almost makes it to the checkpoint, but dies to a set of spikes that lies directly before the checkpoint. Molly, on the other hand, makes it to the checkpoint after initially thinking it was a trap.

After many attempts, Renae also makes it to the checkpoint with Andrea and Mariya getting there as well. Afterwards, Mariya repeatedly dies to a moving block rigged with spikes and so does Molly.

Renae notes the Goombas on the next platform as she dies from a collapsible platform, she then blames the Goombas for distracting her. Mariya repeatedly dies in the same manner and is simply not amused.

Andrea manages to get past the Goombas and encounter a block which she does not trust. She goes under it, only for spikes to come out from the land rather than the block. Molly makes it to the Goombas but is reluctant to jump, causing her to move over the edge of the platform.

Renae almost makes it to the finish by repeatedly jumping, but lands on a collapsible platform along the way. She attempts the same method, only to die the same way.

Mariya is stressed out by the game, having died over 120 times. She almost makes it to the end but falls short of the flag and falls into the abyss. Molly dies once more but holds back her rage, reassuring the viewers that she's fine.

Mariya finishes the level and is relieved. Molly completes the level and is relieved as well but isn't sure if it was a trick. Andrea and Renae also manage to complete the level.

Part Four

The fourth part was uploaded on January 4th, 2015 and was the 486th video uploaded onto the channel. It had Mariya, Sydney, Andrea, Mackenzie, and Briana attempt to complete the fourth level.

They begin the game, Mackenzie taking a deep breath, preparing for the rage to come. Andrea begins and jumps onto the bridge only to fall right through and die, she then notices that the game says she had died 256 times rather than once.

Mariya also falls through the bridge, but gets out of it in time. She goes down onto the land only for it to collapse. Briana and Sydney both jump onto the bridge and fall through to their death, Sydney also noticing the large number of deaths she apparently has.

Mackenzie clears the bridge but jumps right onto a spike. Andrea once again falls through the bridge and into her death, she gets frustrated before holding her rage, explaining that she's been told not to abuse the equipment.

Mariya, past the bridge, finds a secret passage under a set of blocks and attempts to jump a small gap. However, a block stops her, so she tries to jump over it to no avail. She questions how she's suppose to jump over it before attempting to go under it and dying.

Andrea and Mackenzie makes it over the bridge and jumps to the next area but dies to spike and falling land, respectively. Sydney once again falls into the bridge and dies, making her pout at the camera.

Mackenzie makes it the farthest so far, but falls through a small gap whilst attempting to jump over it. Andrea dies once again and begins to get frustrated, while Mackenzie comments that she's not going to give up unless the game is called give up.

Andrea sets a strategy to only jump once and the perfect amount, she attempts the strategy but still dies. Sydney makes it over the bridge but falls down on the falling land. Mariya carefully moves off the bridge and jumps, but jumps right into a spike.

Andrea tries her strategy once again, but still dies. Sydney safely makes the jump, but attempts to jump over a set of block which is rigged with spikes. Mackenzie is near the checkpoint, but predicts a trap. She takes one step and falls to her death.

Mariya and Sydney dies once more, Mariya feeling the rage. Andrea is also near the checkpoint, but dies to a spike. Briana comments that Mario should use his hands to grab onto the ledge if he falls.

The girls continue to struggle with the first half of the game, Mariya saying that she has died "45 billion kajillion" times. Though the girls have so far managed to hold back their rage.

Andrea comments that she had a friend who told her that if she gets angry, to take deep breaths and make a potty and get over it, which she says she is going to do. Mariya predicts that her next attempt will be "the one" before dying.

Mackenzie dies again and is frustrated that Mario is slipping around the course, saying that he should have brought appropriate footwear to the occasion. Andrea dies again and begins to twitch, but still keeps her cool.

Mackenzie makes it to the checkpoint, while the others are still at the beginning. Mackeznie makes it trough the second half of the level with ease as she completes the level, the others presumably giving up.



  • Part One was the first video to have a curse go uncensored, albeit, this was most likely an error.
  • Part Four marked Briana's final appearance on the channel.
    • It was also the first gaming video since Five Nights at Treasure Island, 194 videos ago, where a member made their final appearance.
    • Part Four also marked the final appearance of the second studio.

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